Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram

Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram


Whenever we heard of a playback singer, one name that instantly pops up in our minds is surely Atif Aslam. And of course a brilliant singer with a perfect personality and looks! Damn what else you need?

Best Playback singers

Muhammad Atif Aslam is one of the best Playback singers Pakistan could ever produce. He has various chart-topping songs to his credit. Having some exceptional music skills, Atif Aslam has made a name for himself not only in his own country but across the border as well.

He has developed a strong fan following in India as well. Indian people love him for his extraordinary singer capabilities. It is because of the exceptional charisma that he is hailed as one of the best playback singers in the Indian Music Industry till now. From a middle-class singer to an international playback singer, Atif Aslam has proved that talent and sheer hard-work eventually pay you back.

Famous Indian Musician and Singer Sajjad Ali honor Atif Aslam’s singing capabilities in these words,

“You can see how big Artists try to copy Atif’s way of singing, tune, where to pick up from, where and when to hold and even release a note. Not that they are bad singers, they can sing pretty well, but you can see why they try to sing in Atif’s expression and tone.”

Songs in Different Languages

He is famous across the globe for having the best vocal belting technique. He has not only sung songs in Urdu and Hindi but there are some excellent Bengali music albums to his credit as well. What a versatile personality indeed!

Influential songwriter

Atif Aslam is not just a singer, but a composer and best songwriter as well. Songs that he has written on his own are quite successful among the masses.

Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram

Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram has earned him universal fame. This is one of his remarkable works. The song is a part of the Coke Studio Season 8.

Coke Studio

Coke Studio is Pakistan’s biggest Television program. It is an international music franchise working in Pakistan that records live singing. It has numerous remarkable singers associated with it. It begins back in 2008 and becomes one of the longest-running annual live musical programs in Pakistan.

Here is his remarkable work, Tajdar-e-Haram!

This song is famous worldwide especially among the devotees of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


Atif Aslam has some major accomplishments in his singing career that are as follow,


The successful musical journey of Atif Aslam can be calculated with him receiving Tamgha-e-Imtiaz back in 2008.

Lux Style Awards

Atif Aslam has also won numerous Lux Style Awards for being the best playback singer in Pakistan. his vocal capabilities and high level of intensity cannot be compared with anyone.

Acting Career

Atif Aslam has started his acting career with a Pakistani film ‘Bol’ that features the sizzling Mahira Khan in the lead role. The fil addressed some major social issues our story is facing these days. It was released back in 2011.

Dubai Walk of Fame-star    

In 2019, Atif Aslam was also awarded The Dubai Walk of Fame-star as the “Best Singer in Pakistan”.


The greatest musical works of Atif Aslam cannot be compared or denied. He has taken our music industry to the next level with his immensely talented personality and exceptional singer abilities.

Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram
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Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram
Atif Aslam Tajdar-e-Haram has earned him universal fame. This is one of his remarkable works. The song is a part of the Coke Studio Season 8.
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