Atif Aslam, the Sensational Singer, Set to Join Firdaus Orchestra for a Live Show in Dubai Today

Dubai’s music scene is in for a delightful treat as the renowned Pakistani singer Atif Aslam teams up with the captivating Firdaus Orchestra at Coca Cola Arena. Ahead of the much-anticipated concert, Atif shares his enthusiasm and insights.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this event again as we’ll be presenting some fresh songs like Rabba Sacheya and Channa, which we’ve never performed before,” Atif expresses eagerly. “We’re intertwining our compositions with timeless classics from Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Collaborating with the orchestra on these pieces is truly special for me, and I hope the audience finds it equally captivating.”

Atif’s collaboration with the Firdaus Orchestra promises a distinctive musical experience. “I’ve never encountered an orchestra quite like this, and it has sparked my creativity to explore new avenues,” Atif reflects. “While many symphony performances emphasize melody or drama, I aim to infuse a rock vibe and fuse it with traditional Eastern instruments, offering a fresh flavor to the audience.”

When selecting songs for the concert, Atif draws from his rich and diverse musical background. “It depends on the atmosphere,” he explains. “Even before Bollywood, my interests spanned across rock and pop genres. Hence, I incorporate elements of old folk tunes into my repertoire.”

Despite the excitement surrounding the performance, Atif remains grounded in authenticity before stepping onto the stage. “I prioritize staying true to myself,” he asserts. “We share prayers and good wishes amongst each other before the performance. Positive energy from talented musicians is what truly counts.”

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