Aurat March 2019

Aurat March 2019 – Significance of #WhyIMarch



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Aurat March 2019

Pakistani women are quite eager to become the part of the Aurat March 2019 that is scheduled on Women’s Day (8th march).

Now the days are gone when women were considered just a mere sex object having no purpose of living. However, in some backward areas, the problem still exists. Women are subjected to oppression. Where male chauvinism is highly appreciated while degrading women’s role in society.

The world is progressed now. We are living in quite a modern era. Women across the world, are familiar with their rights now. Modern women exactly know where they stand and what their rights are. They don’t tend to serve male chauvinism. They are ready to fight for their rights.

Marginalization, chauvinism, patriarchy, gender inequality and misogyny are some of the social evils that are uprooting out moral values. We need to change these social

perspectives about male dominant society. Women should be given due importance. Moreover, honor killing and harassment are some other issues that are still faced by women across the world. We need to put a full stop to this oppression. Women power should be taken into progress.

Here are some of the tweets by our nation’s brave women.

Not only the women, but we have also a large number of men who are appreciating the Aurat March. The nation is proud to have those men who actually understand the importance and vitality of women.

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