Australia Secures World Cup Victory Against India in Front of 130,000+ Indian Fans

In the lead-up to the World Cup final, Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, acknowledged the formidable challenge of confronting both India’s skilled team and their fervent fanbase. Cummins emphasized the importance of embracing the lively atmosphere and noise, aiming to quiet the partisan crowd during the crucial match.

Despite Australia’s initial defeat to India in the tournament’s opening match, they bounced back with eight consecutive victories to secure a spot in the final. Mindful of the expected 130,000-strong Indian support, Cummins underscored the crowd’s impact and gave due recognition to key Indian players like Rohit Sharma, as well as their impressive bowling attack.

Expressing optimism, Cummins hoped for a comprehensive performance from Australia in the final, given their hard-fought journey to that point in the tournament.

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