Australia’s Successful Test of World’s First Water Quality Monitoring System for Seafood Farms.

Australia’s science agency has created a special system to check and predict water quality in a vital area for seafood. The AquaWatch Australia Mission by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) recently finished testing its new technology in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf.

The Spencer Gulf is important for Australia’s seafood. The technology uses smart computer programs to quickly check water quality using data from sensors and satellites. The CSIRO team wants to use this system in seafood farms to make them work better.

The government’s Water Quality Australia warns about a kind of pollution called blue-green algal blooms, caused by tiny organisms. These blooms can harm water quality and make some species produce harmful substances. A scientist from the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association says these blooms cause big problems for seafood farms. The AquaWatch system can help by giving an early warning.

The AquaWatch Mission started in March 2023, with the CSIRO aiming to have a complete system that checks water quality from the ground to space, not just in Australia but for the whole world.

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