‘Ayeza Khan is the only lady I did not flirt with’, Danish Taimoor


The most loveable couple of the Pakistan entertainment industry is of Ayeza and Danish. They are both very talented and skillful actors.

Recently, Danish Taimoor opened up about how he has proposed the love of his life and wife, Ayeza Khan.

During an interview, Danish was questioned about how he has proposed Ayeza Khan. In response to this question, he said,

“I was in love with Ayeza. She is the only lady I did not flirt with.”

He went on saying that “I did not ask Ayeza for dating or day out. I directly asked her to marry me.”

He also revealed that Ayeza Khan has been his huge fan as well.

“We started talking on social network Orkut because before Facebook, there was only Orkut. Ayeza was my huge fan.”

“When we started talking, I realized she is a mature lady and she should be my wife. In this way, I asked her about marrying me. Before meeting Ayeza, I met her father and talked about tying the knot,” he further added.

It is worth noticing here that Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor have tied the knot in 2014 and the couple has two children Rayan Taimoor and Horrain Taimoor.

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