Azfar Rehman Chhalawa

Azfar Rehman’s big screen debut as the male lead in Chhalawa


Azfar Rehman has been a center of attention for many girls out there. The budding actor has garnered huge respect and love by his fans with his talents and excellent acting skills.

He has done a lot of TV dramas which include ‘Adhi Gawahi,’ ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ and the recently going on ‘Aatish’. Well, after performing quite well in these serials, he was also seen in ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2’ where he was featured in a supporting role.

The duo (Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman) is much liked by the audience as a pair couple.

The duo is back again with some twisty story and fun. On this Eid ul Fitr, ‘Chhalawa’ by Wajahat Rauf’s will go on air in which Azfar will be seen for the first film as a male lead.

In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, the young actor declared that “I was a bit scared. It’s a big, big responsibility when you’re doing a film as the main lead and a lot of criticism is going to follow and a lot of people will tell Mehwish Hayat and me, ‘what have you done!”

He also mentioned that “Wajahat Rauf saw Punjab Nahi Jaungi and he thought that Mehwish and I had this great chemistry because we’re also friends in real life. I was just not too keen but after two or three meetings with Wajahat on the storyline and listening to the music that he had made, I said let’s do it.”

During the interview, he was being questioned about whether he felt any pressure while working with the box office queen Mehwish Hayat?

He replied the question in these words,

“Absolutely! When it comes to cinema, people are paying and they’re coming to watch you, so you have to ensure entertainment. I have a huge fan base from television so I owe it to them. I don’t want them to waste their Eid holiday to come and watch a bad film.”

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