Babar Azam faces 500-600 balls in practice.

Babar Azam attributes his success in world cricket to his firm belief in the phrase “practice makes a man perfect.” As the Pakistan skipper, he emphasizes the importance of regular practice and hard work in achieving one’s goals. According to Babar Azam, he follows a strict practice routine and faces 500-600 balls during each session. His dedication and commitment to honing his skills have helped him become a top-performing batsman in the world.

According to Babar Azam, practicing hard is the key to performing well in matches. He practices daily and faces 500-600 balls each session, and doubles that when he’s out of form. Babar Azam firmly believes that practice is essential for anyone who wants to excel on the cricket field.
Babar Azam’s dedication to his craft has paid off, as he is now considered one of the world’s top batsmen. He was recognized for his outstanding performance in 2022 by being awarded the ICC Cricketer of the Year award.

Despite facing criticism for his batting strike rate, Babar Azam remains committed to improving his game. He acknowledges that it takes time to address any faults in his batting and make the necessary improvements.

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Babar Azam acknowledges that criticism is inevitable in cricket, whether he performs well or not. He believes that addressing any flaws in his batting takes time, and people’s expectations for immediate improvement are unrealistic.

Babar Azam credits his father for his success, as he always motivates him to strive for more. According to Babar, his father rarely expresses satisfaction with his performance, pushing him to never take things for granted. Instead, he provides advice to help him improve and become a better player.

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