Babar Name Meaning in Urdu

Babar Name Meaning in Urdu


Names leave a great impact on someone’s personality. You are recognized on the basis of your name. Therefore, parents have been paying a lot of attention in the selection of the names for their kids.

In modern era, people usually fall for some unique names that are not selected by anyone else. However, they must be very careful in selecting names according to their meanings.

Babar is a commonly known Muslim boy name. In English, “Babar name meaning in Urdu” is defined as ‘Brave’ while in urdu it means ‘Bahadur, Dalair’.

Below you will get to know some necessary information regarding Babar name. For example, lucky number, Lucky stone, from which language the name was originated etc.

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Babar Name Meaning in Urdu

Name: Babar

English Meaning: Brave

Meaning in Urdu: ‘Bahadur, Dalair’

Lucky Stone: Ruby

Lucky Number: 02

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