Babar on Imam’s tweet, Rizwan’s statement.

Babar Azam, Pakistan cricket team captain, speaks out on Rizwan and Imam’s comments and tweet during Pakistan vs. New Zealand ODI series.
In the post-match press conference in Karachi, Babar addressed his teammates’ statements and clarified the team’s stance.

In a press conference held in Karachi before the third ODI, Rizwan voiced his preference to bat at number four in the batting order and expressed his dissatisfaction with batting at number five.

Taking a measured approach to the situation, the Pakistan captain acknowledged Rizwan’s desire to bat higher up in the order. However, he also emphasized that the players understood the team’s requirements and priorities, indicating a balanced perspective on the matter.

Babar quoted Rizwan’s statement, highlighting his wish to play at number four. However, he emphasized the importance of considering the team’s requirements and communicating effectively with the players. Babar emphasized the team’s collective approach, stating that no player demands to play at a specific batting position in the team.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 08 May, 2023.

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