Supreme Court accepted Rs460 b

Bahria Town’s offer of Rs460b for Karachi Highway land accepted by Supreme Court


On Thursday, Pakistan’s top court has accepted Bahria Town’s offer of spending Rs 460 billion to obtain Karachi Super Highway land which is of 16, 896 acres.

Those who have bought plots or destined to have houses there would be repaid through compensation with the company or they will be managed to merge into some other projects.

On May 4, 2018, The Sindh government had allotted the land to the MDA with the sole purpose of building a housing scheme over there. However, MDA has exchanged the land with Bahria Town, according to the statement issues by the court. The government has warned Bahria Town authorities from selling any plot or apartment in this scheme.
Bahria Town has time and again made several proposals to get the land transferred to it. However, the court had rejected all those offers.

Moreover, the court has given strict orders for not filing any reference or investigation regarding the issue. So Accountability Bureau should seek court’s permission first to investigate the whole project.

The statement said, “No reference can be filed without the court’s permission,” If Bahria Town violates the court order, then an investigation will be launched against it, ruled the judges.

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