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Bandish – speaks of something that haunts in the house


Do you love watching horror films and series? If yes then you must try ARY Digital’s new drama serial Bandish. Watching Bandish is enough to give you goose bumps.

The Art of Black Magic in Bandish Drama Serial

It revolves around the story of a woman who wants to destroy the lives of the others by the art of black magic. Yes, black magic. It’s a bitter reality of the society in which we live, that people are jealous of each other. And do not possess pure intentions for each other. The newly begin drama serial speaks about the sufferings of a happy family that came under the evil eye of the woman who practices the art of black magic.

Reality being fairly depicted

The family consists of two individuals happily living with their three beautiful daughters. Bandish speaks about the reality. People are more curious to do with the lives of the others. Insecurities, greedy nature and according to Shakespeare the ‘green eyed-monster jealousy’ is being shown to depict the recklessness of the people to ruin the lives of the other people around them. It’s certainly terrible that how some people cannot afford your happiness and leave no stone unturned to destroy you.

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