Bandish Episode 19 & 20

Bandish Episode 19 & 20: Risking lives, against Sumbal’s Black Magic


Bandish, which used to be a must watch show, has gradually lost its charm with no further developments in the plot. It’s been 20 episodes of the drama serial, and what we have watched? Only the sufferings and Sumbal’s evil practices.

The spell that she has casted over the house of Madiha is unbreakable with the death of Izhaar in the recent episode. She has even manipulated Sania against her family to the extent that she is seeking her help without being educated enough to understand Sumbal’s evil intentions.  She is falling in her web, which is quite difficult to believe. Sania is now completely under her influence.

Sumbal directed her to drop that black piece of cloth at Izhaar’s house and she does the same which resulted in the death of a purely spiritual and religious man, Izhaar.

Izhaar was the last ray of hope for Madiha, and with his death, it seems that Madiha is all alone now. Even her family members don’t believe her. According to them, she is the one who practices black art.

After Sandal’s treatment and reports, Junaid is all confirmed for thinking of Madiha as a preacher of the evil forces. The result could be dangerous, perhaps he would divorce her. Furthermore, Sandal’s influence over Junaid is so strong that she has brainwashed him about his first wife and daughters. She emotionally attacks him which is even more fatal.

However, the plot is still capturing audience attention. There is a dire need for some fresh content that will fill the plot with excitement and curiosity as strong as we have experienced in the beginning.

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