Bandish Last Episode

Bandish Last Episode: Good eventually wins


Bandish Drama serial which hints at the practices of black magic has finally met its end this week. The best part which the audience liked the most about the end is that it ended on a powerful note that no matter how strong the evil is, it will be overcome by good practices.

As soon as the drama serial moves towards its end, we have witnessed the disastrous downfall of Sumbul who practices the art of black magic and aims to ruin the life of Junaid and his family.Bandish Drama Last Episode

The episode starts with Junaid getting paralyzed as he intended to collect evidence against Sumbul. Antosh, a power deity produced by Sumbul, possess Abhiyan’s mind as well as body. Under the spell of magic, he manipulated Sania to come to Sumbul. Where going in Sumbul’s den, she realized and recalled something about the place. She has the inkling in her mind that she is familiar with this place and Sumbul but unable to actually connect the pieces. Bandish Drama Last Episode ary

By hypnotizing the Hospital staff, Sumbul takes her sister with her so that she can sacrifice her to fulfill her own evil intentions. The worst part of her evil practices is that if it doesn’t work in favor of her, then it will eventually destroy her. Her overconfidence leads her towards her downfall.


We have been clearly informed through this drama serial that no evil is bigger than the goodness. Allah Almighty and His powers surpass every evil. Murshid Sahab has assigned a Wazeefa to Madeeha. On the other hand, Sania, on the instructions of Sumbul, is on her way to placing that Voodoo doll at the Mazaar however, she is not sure to place that doll at the Mazaar. Allah helped her and she recalled each and every detail of her kidnapping and about the true nature of Sumbul that she is a witch who wanted to destroy her family.

She turned back to discuss all this with Abhiyan but soon realized that Abhiyan is not Abhiyan. Some evil powers have possessed his body and now she has to do the task to save Abhiyan’s life.

Moving towards the end, we have witnessed how Sumbul tries to kill her sister with the help of a knife, however, she gets up and stopped her. Madeeha, on the other hand, informed Police about Sumbul’s evil intentions and they reached Sumbul’s place at the spur of the moment. Meanwhile, the clock sets on 12 which was the time for the completion of the task. However, Sania has not placed the doll at the Mazaar which resulted in the downfall of Sumbul. She catches fire in no time and everything gets stable after her death. Madeeha takes Sandal with her and asked Junaid to forgive her as well.

On the other hand, Hamza’s mother asked Hania’s parents for her hand to which they happily agreed. The lesson we have got from this serial is that nothing is stronger than a person’s belief in the powers of Allah. No matter how strong and great the evil is, it will eventually overcome by the good.


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