Sumbal choked Sania to death

Bandish – Sumbal almost choked Sania to death


The double episodes of drama serial Bandish on aired and revealed the true nature of Sumbal to Sania. In the last episode, we have seen Sumbal’s influence over Sania. How she has manipulated her against her mother and her neighbor Azhar blaming him for practicing black magic over their family.

Poor Sania, being unaware of the fact that instead of seeking protection she is actually going towards destruction. Sumbal has magnetized her due to her spells to come to her.
After Sania enters into the place where Sumbal practices the evil art of black magic she has found her old dupata and a picture of her father.

There were also clues that made her suspicious about Sumbal and on her inquiry, Sumbal revealed each and every detail of her life to her. When she tried to retaliate, Sumbal captures her and almost choked her to death. We are still wondering whether she is alive or dead.


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On the other hand, Abiyaan traces Sania’s number and police raids at Sumbal’s den. However, Sumbal’s magical practices has made Sania invisible. They can’t hear and see her. Sania creamed time and again but the police officials remained unable to found her.

Well, the scenes and situations are getting complicated. What the director has more to wonder his audience! Keep watching Bandish.

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