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Bandish – The terrifying effects of Black Magic are on the surface now


In the recent episodes of the top rated drama serial “Bandish”, the director is all set to entice the audience with the adverse effects of practicing black magic. And it’s really freaking out. Whoa!
The drama is brilliantly directed and very artfully penned down for quite a remarkable output.

Here I am giving you a recap of the episode,
Junaid’s indifference to Madeeha has finally made her ask him the reason and he very cunningly admitted that he has a second wife with whom he is living happily. This hurts Madeeha after all she has never cheated the man so why she was betrayed?

Hania’s reaction over her father’s betrayal was very intense.


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Dr. Abiyan’s mother called Madeeha to have her consent for setting his son’s marriage with Sania and both the ladies agreed for a meeting. Madeeha was, later on, carried out to a spiritual old man by her friend who gives amulets to her for the rescue of her daughters and her home. However, the amulets have not worked out. Soon we were encountered with the effects of black magic that were stronger than the amulets provided by the religious person.



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It is clearly shown that Sumbal is extremely powerful with her magic. Having found no solution to the problems, Madeeha was finally taken out at Sumbal’s hideout. While reaching there, the audience is being informed about Sumbal and Madeeha’s old university days. Both Sumbal and Madeeha were friends with Junaid. Afterwards, Sumbal has made up her mind to ruin his family. And that’s what she is actually doing. Poor Madeeha is going to seek help from the same witch who is already resolute to ruin her life and her family!

Bandish terrifying effects

Well, we are yet uniformed about the details of their past life. Perhaps something must have occurred in the past days that compelled Sumbal to destroy Madeeha to such an extent. Tune in to Bandish to know how the tale unfolds.

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