Bangladeshi man shaves wife’s head after finding hair in the food


Dhaka: According to the local media, it is revealed that a Bangladeshi man has just shaved off his wife’s head upon finding hair in his food.

Police arrested the man. He is being identified as Bablu Mondal who is 35-year old.

The raid was conducted in Joypurhat’s area when the neighbors informed about this heinous act.

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Bablu Mondal

Bablu confessed that he becomes angry after he found a hair in his breakfast. The media further reported that he becomes furious and shaved off his wife’s head forcefully.

He was charged with “voluntarily causing grievous hurt” according to which he would be sent to jail for 14 years. He was also charged for “outraging the modesty” of his wife.

We are living in 2019 and still, there is oppression on women. The human rights activists are not letting these men win against women. Now women have been given proper rights and security.

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