Best A Level Colleges in Karachi

Best A Level Colleges in Karachi


Before heading towards the ‘best A level colleges’ in Karachi, let us make sure what actually A Level means and what it is equivalent to.

A Level

The term GCE that stands for the General Certificate of Education has two parts. One is called O Level white the other is called A-Level.

A level is the second part of the GCE that stands for Advanced Level. Students can only enter into this field after completing their O Level first. You must need to make it clear that A-Level is equivalent to the Foundation, Ausmat, and SAM Level that are required for the international universities.

Best A Level Colleges in Karachi

If you are looking for the Best A Level Colleges in Karachi, then you have landed straight into the right link. This article will provide you a list of the best colleges that can offer quality education to those who aspire to do A-Level after completing their sessions.

A good institute is always hailed and appreciated by the masses. It always offers a good education to its students. While acquiring quality education, students can do best in their exams and they will score good grades as well. So, one must not compromise on his selection of a good institute.

The team LogicalBaat has curated the list of 6 ‘best A level colleges’ in Karachi. Have a look at them!

  • Defence Authority Public School
  • Bahria College Karsaz Karachi
  • Wahaj Hussain’s School System, Karachi
  • The American School and College Karachi
  • Anees Hussain Karachi
  • Meritorious Science College, Karachi

The above-mentioned list is of the colleges belonging to the public and private sectors. These all institutes are offering quality education to their students.

Defence Authority Public School

Defence Authority Public School aims to provide good education to the students. Their objectives are as follow,

  • Builds a strong foundation of students’ academic career
  • Develops a strong analytical mind
  • Enables students to get A-Level Certificate that is recognized worldwide
  • Builds positivity all around the campus and students’ lives
  • Develops a strong creative thinking

Bahria College Karsaz Karachi

Bahria College Karsaz Karachi is another good option after DAPS. This institute believes in building a strong foundation and generating an ‘insatiable intellectual quest’ among the students.

They aim to provide a productive and healthy environment to the students for their critical thinking process. They not just guide them in their educational career but also groom them to appreciate the positivity of life, to encourage the less encouraged.

Wahaj Hussain’s School System, Karachi

Wahaj Hussain’s school System can also happen to be your good choice for A-Level. What it offers to you is,

  • A-Levels College
  • O’ Level School
  • Aptitude Test Preparation: ECAT, MCAT, BCAT
  • Career Counseling

The American School and College Karachi

The American School and College Karachi commits to provide an excellent educational career to the students. This school aims at providing a healthy and creative educational environment to the students.

Building a morally strong and productive environment is their objective.

Anees Hussain Karachi

Anees Hussain Karachi is considered the most popular and renowned teaching system across the country. This school system deals in offering the best A level courses to the students who are free from their sessions and want to explore more about life and career.

Meritorious Science College, Karachi

Last but not the least, Meritorious Science College, Karachi is also the best choice for A-Level. Their mission is

“To Strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”

Well, this school system has surely gained massive progress and making efforts to build a strong moral foundation for the students.

Best A Level Colleges in Karachi
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Best A Level Colleges in Karachi
If you are looking for the Best A Level Colleges in Karachi, then you have landed straight into the right link.Read details visit us
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