Best breakfast in Lahore

Best breakfast in Lahore

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Best Breakfast Restaurants in Lahore

Among all other cities in Pakistan, Lahore has most probably the vast variety of food chains. These food chains have their own specialties seeking best out of best cuisines. Now the point which actually comes in everyone’s mind is that which food chains are really providing the best quality food along with decent ambience and a good interior structure. Being a true foodie your biggest nightmare is not having your desirous food.

If you are scrolling your Google links down to get the list of best eateries which offer scrumptious breakfast deals which will make your day. You don’t need to scroll things down any more. Here I have tried to give a short overview of some of the best restaurants which are offering delicious nashta in Lahore. Here you can get easy access to Lahori nashta menu in different eateries.

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Lahore

  • Taj Mahal Sweets
  • English Tea House
  • The Urban Café
  • Bundu Khan Restaurant (Liberty Market)
  • Chaaye Khana
  • Capri Restaurant

Taj Mahal Sweets

This junction has been offering the best quality breakfast in Lahore for the past few years. You can always get a delicious range of desi nashtas out there. Have tried their Halwa Puri once and it was tastier than I have ever tried.Taj Mahal Sweets

English Tea House

English Tea House will never disappoint you in terms of taste and environment. Apart from offering breakfast, the vibrant environment of the restaurant will make you order more and spend some quality time there. Their Mexican omelets and eggs are worth trying.English Tea House

The Urban Café

Urban Café is another big name in Lahore breakfast providing junctions. What actually entice you after visiting the spot is its mouthwatering steaks to have in breakfast. Scrambled eggs, baked beans, and hash browns will take your heart. You can also have some desi breakfast menu which includes, paratha, omelet, shami Kabab and many more.  The Urban Café

Bundu Khan Restaurant (Liberty Market)

Bundu Khan is one of the most popular restaurants in Lahore. Over the past few years, the restaurant has made a mark in terms of offering flavorful dishes. Their liberty market branch is marked as providing best nashta menu. The scrummy breakfast menu includes Halwa Puri, Murgh Chanay, Qeema Pura, Desi Anda, Nihari, Sheermal, Taftan and even more.Bundu Khan Restaurant

Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khan could prove to be your ultimate source of having breakfast. Located at the very heart of M M Alam road, it offers a wide range of breakfast menu. You can order your plain omelet, Cheese Omelet sandwiches, and even desserts as well.Chaaye Khana

Capri Restaurant

Apart from Bundu Khan, Capri restaurant is also located at liberty market. The only spot where you can enjoy a lip-smacking breakfast along with your family and friends. Tawa Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Mutton Paya, Nihari, Chicken Paratha, Egg Fry, and Lassi are some of their breakfast specialties.

Capri Restaurant

So, after reading about all these eateries, I hope your next trip will be one of these locations.

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