Best Prime Minister in the world

Best Prime Minister in the world


A country without its leader is incomplete. There have been numerous powerful and notable world leaders who have proven their strong leadership qualities to their nations. The names of these prime ministers have been written in the history books.

Best Prime Minister in the world

In this article, we have rounded up the list of some notable and Best Prime Minister in the world. The list will be addressing some famous works done by the best prime ministers, the level of influence they have on their nations, and strong leadership qualities they possess.

A nation without its leader is incomplete. It is very difficult to name one specific prime minister as the world’s best prime minister as every leader was best in his time. Below is the list of some of the notable Prime Ministers in the history who have made tough and wise decisions and won the hearts of their people!

  • Vladimir Putin (Russia)
  • Winston Churchill (British)
  • David Cameron (British)
  • Margaret Thatcher (UK)
  • John Howard (Australia)
  • Edward Heath (UK)
  • Jacinda Arden (New Zealand)
  • Imran Khan (Pakistan)
  • Narendra Modi (India)
  • John Major

Let’s discuss the deeds of some of these remarkable personalities in detail!

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia has a lot of notable traits to his credit. He spend his life fighting terror-related forces and imposing a strong discipline in the country. With such a remarkable personality, he made it to the world’s best prime minister in many people’s opinion.

With a passionate soul and undaunted courage, he remained straight forward in his conversation and dealings. He has a lot of superb actions and plans to his credit. He is also known for his diplomatic nature and policies he made for his country. During the course of his leadership, he earned massive respect from his public.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is the second greatest Prime Minister. He belonged to the British and done tremendous works for his country. His contribution and strong morals were evident during the World War II. Even many of us believed that he has predicted the threat of Nazi Germany but no one listed him at that time, he was constantly ignored.

However, when he becomes the Prime Minister, he widely contributed to the World War II and bring around some wise and notable decisions for his country. It was due to his intense efforts and struggles that the British was able to defeat Nazi Germany.

Jacinda Arden

Jacinda Arden is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand. A female is considered very weak in terms of holding the responsibility of the entire nation and country. However, Jacinda Arden has busted this myth and proven her leadership qualities.

Every time, she comes up with some wise and remarkable decisions and policies for her country. She is not only ah intelligent lady but a compassionate and powerful leader as well. Her leadership qualities become even stronger after she wisely tackled the mosque attack back in 2019. She sympathizes with her people, make efforts to lessen their grief and ordered strict inquiry about the attackers.

Moreover, she has very well-handled the growing coronavirus pandemic in her country. This is what makes her a strong and powerful leader before her nation and the entire world. Even male leaders were unable to perform the tasks and actions that she has done.

Imran Khan

Ex-cricketer Imran Khan is another powerful world leader with a unique intellect and perfect leadership qualities. He has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Pakistan back in 2018. He is called the captain because he belonged to the cricket and under his leadership, the Pakistan Cricket team has won the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

The Pakistan’s greatest cancer hospital was established by this man in Lahore. It was around 21 years ago when he joined the Pakistan politics under his own party that is called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

He believes in making Pakistan like the state of Madina. It is because of his immense leadership qualities that he is now hailed among the best prime ministers of the world. It is due to his efforts that now Pakistan is actually considered a respectable country before the rest of the world.


So, these were some of the very powerful and best world leaders in my opinion. They have been spending their lives in serving their respective countries. Their names will be written in the history books forever.

Best Prime Minister in the world
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Best Prime Minister in the world
In this article, we have rounded up the list of some notable and Best Prime Minister in the world. The list will be addressing some famous works
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