Best Restaurants in Lahore

Best Restaurants in Lahore

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In a city like Lahore, you’ll witness ample people having all time cravings for food. Keeping in mind all the foodies of the Lahore, here I am giving you a quick review of some of the top restaurants in Lahore.

List of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Lahore

  • Monal
  • Wasabi
  • Novu Gulberg
  • Andaaz Restaurant
  • Café Aylanto
  • Salt’n Pepper
  • Options
  • Dervish
  • Haveli
  • Meat The Cheese

Monal Restaurant in Lahore

Monal Restaurant in Lahore

Located at Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Gulberg III, Round About, Lahore, Pakistan, the restaurant has made its mark in the Lahore’s food market. With one indoor hall, six outdoor terraces and a children’s play place also, this food joint is a favorite family entertainment spot for the young and old alike. Certainly, the best place to dine with your favorite ones.

Monal is always a delight and the place serves you well and everything is cooked to perfection to delight you. It has a good variety of nans, mutton delicacies and chicken dishes varying from Pakistani to Chinese. In a nutshell, I would rather say that the restaurant never ceases to impress us. Read more about Monal Restaurant in Lahore

Monal Restaurant Location:

Plaza Liberty، Shahdara Park and Ride, Round About, Commercial Area Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Monal Restaurant Food

Wasabi in Lahore

If you are searching for best hi-tea, buffet or platter then “Wasabi” will not disappoint you as it is a restaurant serving each and everything you’ll crave for.

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A much more formal, dine-in restaurant as opposed to their DHA branch, Wasabi brings the people of Lahore an authentic Japanese cuisine taste and experience with the highest quality and perfect ambience. This place is quite famous among food lovers who love hanging out with friends and colleagues to experience a new world of taste. Read more about Wasabi in Lahore.

Wasabi Location:

250 Plaza No، Street 10, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab

Wasabi Restaurant in Lahore

Novu Gulberg

Novu Gulberg Restaurant in Lahore

This Small and compact restaurant offers the Pan Asian cuisines to the food devotees. The junction could accommodate up to 60 people providing both an indoors and outdoors sitting area. This restaurant is much popular among food lovers because of the consistency in their taste and their economical prices.

Novu serves a diverse menu of authentic Pan-Asian food prepared by a dedicated team of experienced professionals in a comfortable and casual ambiance. There have been several additions to the menu as well with a delicious Chicken/Fish with Lemongrass Sauce enough to wow you. Read more about Novu Gulberg.

Novu Gulberg Location:

Shop # 3, Central Avenue 2-C, Near Hussain Chowk، Noor Jehan Rd, Lahore

Novu Gulberg Restaurant food

Andaaz Restaurant in Lahore

Andaaz Restaurant in Lahore

As the name suggests, ‘Andaaz Restaurant’ offers you a variety of best quality food while providing an outclass interior in quite a unique ‘Andaaz’. Their motto reads, “Good food should not only be an indulgence. It should be an experience“.
If you are in the mood of enjoying an open rooftop dining experience then ‘Andaaz Restaurant’ will best serve your need. The open rooftop offers you a full time best view of the historic ‘Badshahi Mosque’ whose very sight is reminiscent of the Mughal Era and its uniqueness.
Apart from the humdrum of the city life, the very insight into the Old Lahore is quite refreshing to eyes as well as the mind. Read more about Andaaz Restaurant in Lahore.

Andaaz Restaurant Location:

2189 A Fort Road, Shahi Mohallah Walled City, Lahore, Punjab

Andaaz Restaurant Food

Café Aylanto in Lahore

In the list of restaurants, offering high-quality cuisine and presenting refined sophistication, Café Aylanto may stand at the top. It has earned a name for itself after promising an extraordinary, sumptuous and lush dining experience.

For enjoying the beauty and glare of the evening, customers are being welcomed to dine out at The Patio, where they can sit under the sky and enjoy their sumptuous meal without any interruption.

Café Aylanto Location:

12 C1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Café Aylanto Restaurant in Lahore

Salt’n Pepper in Lahore

Salt’n Pepper Restaurant in Lahore

Salt’n Pepper is considered Pakistan’s most recognized and distinguished hospitality brand. The restaurant has a history of market innovation and excellence in restaurants chain operation.

The Salt’n Pepper Restaurant is regarded and respected as the number one restaurant entity in Pakistan by local and foreign observers owing to the quality of the food and services it offers.

This hospitality brand has introduced another name for itself which is recognized as ‘Salt’n Pepper Village’.

It offers some classical and modern subcontinental cuisines. It is basically famous for providing a sumptuous buffet menu. It is a spot where you can witness the quality of your food as it is being cooked in front of you.

Salt’n Pepper Location:

48 Commercial Zone، Liberty Market Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab


Options – An Exotic Restaurant

If you are in the mood of enjoying a sumptuous lunch or dinner then the only best option you are left with is the Garden Town’s Options Restaurant. It is indeed an elegant and fine dining restaurant that also organizes events such as birthday parties along with offering a customized cake and sumptuous food. It is an exotic restaurant that captures the true essence of Lahore’s cultural life which is worth experiencing.

Options Restaurant in Lahore

As the name suggests ‘Options’ has a variety of options to serve you. Variety of cuisines are to be provided to the guests. Their cuisines food specializes from Turkish to Iranian and then Lebanese to Pakistani. So, you are not stuck between a few dishes to choose from. You have ample options and can order whatever you want to grab.
Along with that, the best course specialty is Pakistan food cooked in front of you which would be visible from their Live Kitchen.

Options – An Exotic Restaurant Location:

8 Aibak Block, Garden Heights New، Aibak Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab 54700

Options Restaurant Location

Dervish the Food Souq in Lahore

Dervish Restaurant in Lahore

I bet once you’ll visit the junction you’ll surely experience a soothing cum relaxing and comfortable outdoor ambiance. Outdoor sitting is also available for those who want to enjoy their dinner under the starry night. It gives a beautiful view of the sky. Just imagine eating under the vast and beautiful starry sky. Whoa! Amazing. A bonfire and qawwali are also contributed to its fine dining experience. Read more about Dervish Restaurant.Dervish Restaurant Location

This is certainly a perfect place to go for a dinner party. Why only dinner? You can visit it to fill your night cravings as well, as your favorite spot remained open late night till 2:30 am.

Dervish the Food Souq Location:

155 Barki Rd, Block D Park View CHS, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Haveli Restaurant in Lahore

Haveli Restaurant in Lahore

Are you wondering to get a full time desi food while enjoying the best ambiance? Then let me introduced you to a restaurant which is appropriate enough to meet your needs of having a sumptuous dinner. I am talking about Haveli Restaurant in Lahore.
Along with food, the restaurant is best to enjoy the glory and history of Lahore as it is located at 2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City, Lahore, Punjab. The area is commonly known as ‘Old Lahore’. You can feel the reminiscent of the past and the glory of Mughals while visiting the place.

Haveli Restaurant Location:

2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City, Lahore, Punjab

Haveli Restaurant Address

Meat The Cheese in Lahore

Meat The Cheese Restaurant in Lahore

Established in 2017, ‘Meat The Cheese’ is quite a cool and contemporary eatery famous for offering steaks, pasta, and wraps. The menu is filled with delicious and mouth-watering food to order. If you love pasta, then why won’t you try this joint to have quite a saucy and tasty pasta.

cheese food

Being a food lover, the only problem you have to face is the quality of the food. Some restaurants offer the best ambiance while their quality of food is not so impressive. While I have witnessed some restaurants that are offering quite a jaw-dropping food but their ambiance just makes a mess of it. Only a few restaurants exist that offer good quality food with fine ambiance. Meat The Cheese is surely one of them. You’ll never regret visiting this restaurant.

Meat The Cheese picture

So, this was the list of restaurants in Lahore which are winning the hearts of all the foodies in Lahore and even people outside Lahore as well.

Meat The Cheese Location:

C-3 Gulberg III Noor Jehan Road، Near Hussain Chowk, Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

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