Best web hosting in Pakistan

Best web hosting in Pakistan


Before talking about the best hosting in Pakistan one should know the best web hosting features. And which hosting companies in Pakistan are providing services? How to check the best host company? These are some questions which must be in mind before buying hosting in Pakistan.

Often you hear about cloud hosting Pakistan or cheap Webhosting companies. So, these are not confusing terms rather they are real need of you if you are running any blog or WordPress site.

How to check the best WordPress Hosting in Pakistan?

We will define some basic features that exist in WordPress hosting after checking them you will be able to analyze the strength or reputation of the company. Many hosts in Pakistan claim to be the best hosting providers but they are just wasting the money and time of web owners. They don’t have speedy servers, most of the IPs are blacklisted in Google. No proper backup system they have, that’s why the website owners do not get the real results from their online portals.

If you are going to plan about a website or blog, then definitely you will need the fast and responsive servers. No matter what would be the products or sections on your website you need to keep them live for all the people living in the whole world. To make this possible, you would need a web hosting service.

All websites in the world are managed and work based on the specific name servers provided by the hosting agents. Also, keep in mind that the visitors and site status in Google depend on the speed and performance of your hosting servers. If you see much downtime, then it would not be in favor of the site ranking.

All the backups and login information into C-panel will be given at the time of payment to your local web host in Pakistan. Obviously, the package details

Features of the best web hosting in Pakistan:

Let us check some salient qualities of website hosting in Pakistan. They must be in the mind always. As you should pay where you can get the desired results. Check the details below:

  • Tension-Free migration:100% worry-free website transfer facility is given. Because most of the website owners are not equipped with the technical background. So, the clients need to have his facility anytime without paying extra cost. Rather it is a complimentary option for each of the buyers regardless of the package’s levels.
  • Sites’ Safety: Protection of websites from any kind of potential threats especially DDoS attacks, viruses or malware injections are completely tackled by the experienced support persons in remarkably short time. Once the virus comes into the site then it can do anything or it can downgrade the ranking. Even in some scenarios, we saw websites which were producing thousands of page visitors per day, completely smashed after the fatal errors.
  • Don’t be stuck in Pricing tricks: Beware of the hosting vendors because they show the price of the first month very low to get more buyers but after first-month payment, they start charging very high price from the clients. And after uploading all the data on the site, the client does not find any other option except the payment. So, its good tip for you to read the payment instructions carefully. Each hosting package has its own features but they must be confirmed from the home page section of your hosting company.

The trustworthiness of your hosting company:

Yes, it is very crucial if you want to see the growth of your online portal in a short time. Because once you get any hosting package then you cannot move your site easily from one server to other. Secondly, Google also does not like the change in registrars or hosting name servers frequently. So, before buying must check the best hosting company reviews from Google and see which sites are giving votes in favor of the company in which you take the interest. Reviews are posted by the users who experience any product or service. They could be positive and negative. So, this checking tip can help you to make the buying decision. Best hosting company in Pakistan is a company which meets all these requirements.

How can I host a website free?

It is another important query which is asked normally by non-technical clients. Getting free Webhosting is not much tricky but it has several issues. For example, Google does not like this practice because free hosting can be terminated anytime.

It is not a long term practice. Search engines take a signal that the website owner has published something for a short time. Consequently, the sites do not get the authority and another vital element is the risk of data leakage from the site. Free hosting companies can grab and share the information which you don’t want to share with the general public. So, this practice cannot be recommended if you are really serious about your business.

Buy hosting in Pakistan from a trustworthy company which shows

  • complete address, on Google map
  • Working contact numbers
  • 24/7 live support
  • Chatbox for Technical issues
  • Fast support tickets option
  • 0% downtime
  • DDoS protection system
  • Free WordPress installation facility
  • Attractive and responsive website builders
  • Complete security and privacy for customers
  • Softaculous-powered along with cPanel integrated version
  • Great tech live support
  • Excellent bandwidth and Disk Space offer

`Do not forget to check the discount offers from the best web hosting companies in Pakistan. They can give you coupon codes as well if you are a new buyer or first-time buyer. A number of affiliate schemes are introduced by big companies to expand their services. So, you can recommend them as well if you feel satisfaction from the existing services.

Here we are listing some 7 best web hosting in Pakistan which you can use for hosting your sites.

  1. ARZ Host
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost
  4. Namecheap
  5. Hostinger
  6. A2 host
  7. iPage

These companies are providing the standard features for shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. You can experience the unlimited bandwidth or unlimited database from these companies. Because these are important factors whenever you decide to have an online presence. Another cool feature to look at is how many emails the hosting provider is giving with no additional cost.

Similarly, from the above-mentioned sites, you can enjoy the following benefits as well which are important for new or old website owners.

  • Renewal price remains the same. It is a big thing because after one year if we don’t renew the domain then we can lose our data, business, client, and reputation as well. So, make sure you are buying web hosting from a company which has comparatively low prices. And also price after first year of purchase should not be increased as we see in the ARZ hosting vendor in Pakistan.
  • 20 + parked domains option is also available in these companies
  • SSL is a ranking factor and Google sees it as a trust factor for users. So, a site without SLL has no value in the year 2019 and ahead. Many web hosting providers also charge a high price which is separate from the hosting price. But we have given you a list hosting companies which do not charge extra money for the implementation of SSL from their existing or new clients. The additional feature is also attractive that you can note down. It is the free installation of WordPress along with SSL installation.
  • The weekly backup facility is not rare but essential part for a webmaster. The reason is we cannot keep the record of our websites on weekly or even on a monthly basis. New sites or small smites have not big size. So, the backup can be stored at a local computer or laptop drive. But it needs utmost care and technical skill. Each time you cannot download the backup at your end. If you miss something from backup, then it will not work. So. These best hosting in Pakistan enable you to feel relaxed by providing you the facility of weekly backup on their servers.

So, enjoy fast hosting with unlimited email accounts. Majority of the reputed platforms ask you an official email which is associated with your website. So, in that case, you would need one or more official emails. This is to be given focus whenever you are buying the hosting. For example, the basic price of shared hosting or WordPress hosting must include free emails and free sub-domain adding option in the same cPanel. It is very likely to have more than one domain for your new ventures. So, do you want to test new host server each time?  I hope, you will never wish so, that’s why we have clarified it for you to take a look at the free subdomain adding facility by the hosting service provider Pakistan.

Best web hosting in Pakistan

Finally, we will let you know the extra features which are being provided by the above-mentioned companies in the shape of Magento optimized hosting and 200+ auto scripts which can be installed directly on your website. Error-free installation of themes and plugins depend mainly on the hosting quality. So, if you see such issues then it depicts your web host is not of the high standard. So, these are very handy tips regarding best web hosting in Pakistan and you can expand your online portfolio if you take notice of all the said tips.

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