Biden picks Pakistani-origin man to arts body

United States President Joe Biden has picked Pakistani American Shahid Ahmed Khan to serve in the President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts (Paca).

“Today, President Biden announced his intent to appoint the following individuals to serve in key roles,” said a statement issued on the White House website on May 12.

According to the statement, Shahid Ahmed Khan has been appointed as a member of Paca.

Paca remains a resolute pillar of support for the John F Kennedy Centre for the performing arts as it holds together the nation’s artistic consciousness and extends the center’s vision.

Shahid Ahmed’s profile share by the White House describes him as a community leader, political adviser, and businessman “whose life has tied to international affairs, with a particular focus on the Asian and Muslim world”.

In addition, It said the experience of the Pakistani American is center on advancing the US values and principles through constructive community engagement with the American-Muslim and South Asian communities.

Khan, who received a presidential medal for his contributions, served as the National Finance Co-Chair for the 2004 presidential campaign of John Kerry and served as an adviser on presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, congressional, mayoral, and judicial campaigns in the US for the last two decades.

He played an role in mobilizing and involving the South Asian-American community in the “Biden for President” campaign.

Therefore, Paca’s spokesperson called Khan’s addition to the prestigious body a cause for celebration, saying his distinctive outlook promises to amplify our mission and extend our influence.

Published in the Logical Baat, May 15,2023.

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