Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi hailed for their versatility in ‘Pyar Ke Sadqy’


Pyar Ke Sadqy is Pakistan’s ongoing hit drama serial featuring the very versatile actor Bilal Abbas Khan alongside stunning Yumna Zaidi.

Essaying unconventional and unusual roles, both stars have shown their versatility on the set. Their onscreen chemistry is surely loved by their fans. Bilal Abbas Khan is essaying the role of a very shy and naïve bot named Abdullah. While Yumna Zaidi is such an innocent creature in the form of Mahjabeen.

Both Abdullah and Mahjabeen are sweet and innocent making people fall in love with their stellar performances. Because of their innocence, they have been rejected by most of the people because they are not clever and confident like them.

However, with the recent episode, we have witnessed how they both end up accepting each other. Their marriage, though unusual, excites their fans to see what next they are to offer.

Mahjabeen was left alone when her groom-to-be didn’t arrive to see her. Rather he elopes with her friend. At that moment, Abdullah offered a hand of companionship, of love and respect towards her and she eventually accepted his offer because she doesn’t want to study anymore.

People are madly falling in ‘Pyar Ke Sadqy’ and all because of the perfect acting skills that Bilal and Yumna are giving all of us. Let’s see what this drama serial will hold in store for us in the coming days.

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