Bilal Khan and Maya Ali

Bilal Khan and Maya Ali Spotted together


The news of attachment between Bilal Khan and Maya Ali got viral on the social media. We can see them exchanging flirtatious comments onscreen. Are you thinking the same as I do? The versatile artist Bilal Khan along with the Beauty queen of our Pakistani industry Maya Ali makes the perfect match.
His vlog episodes are famous all over the world while we are also familiar with Maya Ali’s qatilana adayen. According to the recent news updates, Bilal khan has vlogged a concert for Coke Fest held in Islamabad. He was also spotted hanging with Maya Ali.
Bilal was invited at Maya’s cousin’s wedding, where both the celebrities enjoyed quite a great time together. We can’t help suspecting the couple to be getting married soon. The witty remarks of Bilal on Maya’s ring and the amusing replies of Maya on Bilal’s new hair color really leave us in a state of amusement.
Vlog Video
But picture abhi baqi hy mery dost! Last but not least, their Vlog video revealed it all. Their giggling laughing makes us feel something fishy between them. Furthermore, they have also played a role together in the video making us all laugh loudly.

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