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Bilawal being trolled for misunderstanding Edhi’s statement for Imran Khan


During a public gathering in South Waziristan our Prime Minister has addressed Bilawal Bhutto as ‘Sahiba’, and since then he has been receiving hatful comments by the masses.

Journalists, anchors, and intellectuals from all over the country have been expressing their disappointment with regards to the speech, all over social media.

Meanwhile, in efforts to make Imran Khan look worst, Bilawal Bhutto shared a tweet to expose ‘Imran Khan and his facilitators.’ He has shared a video clip of Edhi which confirmed that Imran Khan has once threatened him during Benazir’s reign.

However, some Pakistanis began to realize that the ‘Imran Khan’ Edhi is referring to in the video is not our PM Imran Khan but he is, in fact, General Imran Ullah Khan of Balochistan, After this, things actually seemed not to work in the favor of Bilawal Bhutto. People started accusing him of spreading fake news and creating a misinterpretation of Edhi’s statement.

Perhaps Bilawal was trying to make tit for tat, however, it rather went against him.

What do you think of Bilawal’s tweets? Let us know what you think.

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