Bilawal commented about Imran Khan Mental Health

Bilawal commented about Imran Khan’s Mental Health and people are not Okay with it


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has always been in the headlines because of his controversial statements and opinions. A lot of times, he has gathered public criticism after making some silly comments about Pakistan Premier Imran Khan. However, it seems that this time, he has gone too far in his dirty political games.

He has targeted PM Imran Khan’s old statement in which he was recording that he would rather commit suicide than begging to IMF.

In response to this statement, Bilawal took to his twitter handle and wrote in these words, “So who’s got our PM on suicide watch then? #PTIMF”

His statement clearly depicted that he is trying to urge our PM to commit suicide after getting loans from the IMF. Not only stating this he is also looking forward to the public to support him in his stance of PM’s suicide.

It was not only Bilawal Bhutto commenting such silly statements but JUI and PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb have also similar remarks. Here are the details.Maryam orang zaib

However, the tables have been turned as soon as people starting criticizing Bilawal and his comrades for making such lame statements, especially regarding mental health.

Some people have also mentioned the low standards of these political parties that they are urging their rival party’s leader to commit suicide.

Well, it is pertinent to assert that mental health is not a subject to be joked about. And if someone is doing so then he must be ashamed of himself. It is not something to discuss just to get some political gains.

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