Bilawal keeps on criticizing PM Imran’s UN speech


Mirpur: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has visited the earthquake victims in Mirpur here on Wednesday.

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Kashmir issue

During his visit, he once again criticized PM Imran Khan for not raising the Kashmir issue at the international forum properly.

Addressing media persons, he lauded him saying that the speech was good however, it wasn’t enough for the people living in the occupied region.

PM Imran Khan

According to him, PM Imran Khan should have to focus more on Kashmir issue than anything else.

He further questioned about what PM Imran Khan has practically done for the people of Kashmir. Nothing. He keeps on delivering speeches and that’s what he can actually do.

He mentioned that “We all should raise the issue at every forum”.

“Every prime minister makes speeches at the United Nations on Kashmir. What appropriate action have you taken against Indian measures,” he added.

In his opinion, PM Imran Khan should have demanded Kashmiris’ right to self-determination which has been snatched from them after scrapping Article 370 by the Indian Government.

Coming back to the earthquake victims, he also criticizes the government for not providing enough measures for the affected ones. He demanded that the federal government should have to increase the amount of money.

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