Bilawal set to start a countrywide campaign against IMF deal


According to the sources it has been revealed that Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is all set to start a countrywide campaign against IMF deal here on Tuesday.

While speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the People’s Urban Forest, Bilawal said that he has warned the PTI government of a countrywide campaign.

He stated, “We will start a countrywide campaign against this anti-people and PTIMF budget if the federal government does not renegotiate its deal with the IMF. The Centre should introduce a package for Pakistan’s benefit.”

Moreover, Bilawal lamented that “Their [government] economic policy is anti-people and their budget is not theirs, rather it is the PTIMF budget. The people of the country do not accept it and neither does the PPP.”

He went on saying that “You have seen it for yourself, how people have been deprived of their jobs. They haven’t negotiated with the IMF in the right manner. Poor have to bear the burden of their imposed polices.”

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