Biryani Vs Pulao

Biryani Vs Pulao—A Mouth-Watering Debate


Are you a biryani lover or plao? Well, that’s seriously become a burning question among the public, and social media is full of comments and views by the general masses about their love for biryani and plao.

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Love for Both

Both Biryani and Plao are equally admired in Pakistan. Biryani is most specifically liked by the public for the spices that it contains in quite a tekha form. While we can’t forget the flavors of plao that really takes our soul in another world. Apart from whether biryani or plao there are also some legends who liked both. Just the way I do. Many people have an equal inclination towards biryani and plao as well. Whether its biryani or plao, we are all set to enjoy our meal.

This ‘vs’ really creates excitement among the public to share their own views about specifically choosing one. Even news on Thursday got viral about arranging a biryani festival every year in Karachi. It shows how Pakistanis love biryani. They must be called like ‘Biryani k dewaaney.’ The Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has announced the news of Biryani Festival.

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