Black Day Movement Got Initial Success: Got Worldwide Coverage


A positive and great diplomatic strategy has been followed by Pakistani ministry of foreign affairs. Prime Minister Imran Khan, also announced to become an ambassador for Kashmir in all over the world. Zulfi Bukhari from PTI also called and requested all people from foreign countries to participate in the protest on 15 Aug. 2019 for the solidarity with Kashmir cause. It is a time where we can show the world that yes, “Kashmir still bleeds” we need to stop India otherwise not only Kashmiris but all the countries of region may suffer.

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The meeting of security council in UN:

It was the voice which affected the walls of security council in United Nation. First time in the history of 50 years, the officials called upon a meeting to discuss the issue of Kashmir on 16 Aug, 2019.

India has been trying to give a message to the world, that Kashmir is our local or domestic issue. No one is needed to dictate us. We will handle the situation in our own way. But now other countries of the world also started to ponder, Kashmir issue is a big and it can involve many countries directly or indirectly.

The international Media Coverage:

The international media like “the Washington Post” also gave headline like, Kashmiris has been planted along the wall. The autonomy of Kashmiris is destroyed. People in Kashmir are busy in streets for the protests.”

Many other famous media channels are calling Moodi as Hitler of 2019.

Top Trend On Twitter:

Free my Kashmir, or Kashmir bleeds, Kashmir freedom have been trends on twitter but on 15 Aug, another top trend in the whole world was #15AugustBlackDay

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