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Bol News Live is another big news network of Pakistan. Although the history of this channel had many controversies in the start. But later on it started to grow like a normal news channel. Shoaib Ahmad Sheikh is the owner of bol tv network. Its head office is in Karachi. Kamran Khan is another famous journalist of Pakistan and he was appointed as the editor in chief for this organization in start. The thing is, BOL network announced to give the highest salaries in the market and that’s why it got much boom in its starting phase.

Later on, after the media exposed fake degree selling case on behalf of Axact then all the credibility of this organization was shattered badly. People started to leave the Bol Tv News Media channel as it had serious allegations of corruption and fake documentations.

Bol TV Channel

Kamran Khan also left it because he did not want to retain his name with this media group after the news of fake degrees became top headlines. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority banned it then and ordered to stop the transmission. The license of BOL was also revoked on the order of PEMRA. In June 2013 Bol media and Publishing House was established by a businessman. Shoaib Ahmad was expert in digital media. He had earned a lot of money before launching this channel.

He declared some revolutionary packages for the people of Pakistan. For example, he wanted to do arrangement for the education of almost 10 million people. Bol TV seemed a pro nationalist when they announced the planning of their future projects. The political reasons could be there but the fact is BOL News Live started the operations finally. Now people can watch different programs and shows which are produced and managed by BOL directors.

Famous Media Personalities Joined Bol News:

Before the allegations of fake colleges and universities many famous personalities of media industry joined it. Some of the personalities who joined it in start are as follows:

  • Zeba shahnaz
  • Nabeel Zafar
  • Haider Imam Rizvi
  • Kamran Khan
  • Jasmeen Manzoor
  • Mubasher Luqman

However, each of the said personalities resigned after the scandal unmasked the management of Axact. In Lahore and Islamabad there are regional offices which are working for the Bol News Channel.

Now some of the Bol Network channels are as follows:

BOL News… current affairs

BOL Entertainment

BOL Theatre

BOL Sports…it covers all the sports news

BOL Movies….latest movies….

BOL Radio….here you can listen the live radio

BOL Live

BOL Education….it gives all educational news to the people of Pakistan

BOL Council

So, as you can see BOL network has covered almost all major areas which our viewers want to watch. Bol news live is very important channel. Why is it so? Because in Pakistan almost everyone is talking on political issues. In each big channel like Geo News or ARY news you will watch talk shows. Discussion panels are always on one or on other channels are live.

What is Bolism?

Bolism is a philosophy that the management of BOL media is adopting. They claim to be neutral in spreading the news without political involvement. They want to highlight positive effects from our country. And the infrastructure of digital media is very weak in our country. That’s why the bol management wanted to introduce new trends in the market. If we say that a big achievement is out there, then it would not be a correct statement. However, the whole team is still trying to prove their worth. Let us hope that the brilliant ideas if there are any, must be implemented in time.


These vans are safe because they are fire proof and it is claimed that the bullet effects are also very ineffective on them. The staff safety is the priority of Bol TV network. To cover the news from the different areas and cities of Pakistan sometimes becomes risky. Some protests, or rallies always carry the factor rabbler.

They also have fast uplink systems because they broadcast the content fast and smoothly.

Wireless cameras by BOL News Live:

BOL’s superb quality DSNG vans are equipped with multiple wired and wireless cameras. BOL also managed multicopters that give best quality aerial views.

The purpose is that the audience get comprehensive coverage of every current event. They also try to give very clear view of the transmission without distortion especially when the newscasters take call from their representatives. Many times we experience such events or incidents when there is some important day that the phone lines are not working. And the whole transmission get disturbed but Bol news live have special arrangements to cope with such types of issues.

So, we can hope that bol news live will keep the audience of Pakistan updated with authenticated news rather than fake ones.

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