Boxer Amir Khan wants Sports Ministry from PM Imran Khan


London: British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has expressed his desire of becoming the Sports Minister of Pakistan.

A story was published by Geo News where boxer Amir Khan stated that he wants to become the Sports Minister of Pakistan to develop sports in the country as there are no proper actions taken for this.

Pakistan’s Premier Imran Khan

He is disappointed with Pakistan’s Premier Imran Khan as he has done nothing for the betterment of the sports section in the country.

He declared that “I am willing to put myself forward as the sports minister of Pakistan to help and also to liaise ease with Imran Khan. At the same time, it will take the pressure off him.”

He went on saying that this will help Imran Khan because he will know that “somebody is controlling that side of sports for him.”

Amir Khan wants Sports Ministry

Amir Khan said that Imran Khan was doing a great job for Pakistan, but he didn’t have time for sports and making him a minister will benefit him and the country.

He also lauded PM Imran Khan’s leadership qualities saying that Pakistan is now going towards progress and is making great in the field of economy. However, PM Imran Khan has “not done much for sports.”

He went on saying that “So you know even though he is a great person but for sports, he has done nothing. Being a sports man he has not done anything for sports.”

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