Broadway Pizza—For the love of Pizza

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Is there anybody who is deeply in love with Pizza just the way I am? If yes, then make up your mind to try a scrumptious pizza at Broadway Pizza.

Broadway Pizza—For the love of Pizza

Broadway pizza is dealing with all sorts of Pizzas. You can get a variety of Pizzas at this spot. Moreover, the restaurant has a huge fan base. Everybody liked its services and offers.


  • Spacious
  • Perfect Exterior
  • Artistic Interior
  • Exceptional Taste
  • Inviting Ambience
  • Cozy Environment
  • Economical

Interior & Ambience

Broadway Pizza has different outlets. The one I am talking about is in DHA, Lahore. While its Iqbal Town branch is also worth visiting. I have tried both and trust me the experience was beyond my expectations.

The very first glance of the restaurant will force you to step in and witness its glories. The exterior of the restaurant has been designed so perfectly. Coming towards its interior, the inside of this joint is designed quite artistically.

After entering this eatery you will realize that you have actually found a place that is worth visiting and good to breath in.

Moreover, the ambience and the environment is also very engaging and soothing. The warmth you will feel at this spot would be not experienced at any other point probably.


So, what they have on their menu?

As I have mentioned above that Broadway Pizza is all about Pizza so you would witness a huge variety of Pizzas at this eatery.

For years, this eatery has been engaging its fan with its exceptional taste and superb services. That is the reason behind the popularity of the joint.


It is located at Plot 180، Y Block Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab.

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