BTW (By The Way) Eid Collection 2020


“By the Way” is a fashion brand which is famous for offering some bold prints and chic styles for women in every season. It is specifically a pret fashion brand.

Eid Collection 2019

As we all know that Eid is just round the corner, “By The Way” has introduced its exclusive Eid Collection which features some elegant short shirts with pajamas or pants.

The brand produces stuff which is easy to carry in the hot days of the summer season. There is a number of brands who are running after modern trends without keeping in mind that modern trends should be comfortable as well. “By The Way” fulfills all the standards of beautiful and elegant dressing.

Women in the modern era are tended towards the beauty and charms of the attires. They wanted to look perfect and want perfect stuff for themselves.

As Coco Chanel has very brilliantly stated that “Fashion has two purposes, comfort, and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

Apart from love and comfort, good dressing helps you enhance your confidence and make you empowering modern women. The new collection by “BTW” features all the vibrant dresses that women love to wear.

The fusion of Eastern & Western cultures

Moreover, “By The Way” dresses usually reflect a fusion of the Eastern and Western cultures.

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