Budget in National Assembly

Budget for the next financial year to be presented today in National Assembly


Islamabad: The budget scheme for the next years will be presented by the government in the National Assembly here on Tuesday at 5.00 pm.today budget

The meeting regarding the budgetary proposals will be chaired by Prime minister Imran Khan.

He will discuss some important details regarding the budget scheme for the next years.

During the meeting, adviser on Finance Hafeez Sheikh will give a short review of the budgetary proposals in the cabinet.

The initial reports revealed that the upcoming budget will be focusing on stabilizing the economic condition of the country as we are facing severe economic crisis these days. Several remedies would be discussed during the meeting to overpower the growing economic crisis.

The new budget will be mainly focusing on

  • Austerity
  • Fiscal discipline
  • External sector management
  • Protecting the poor

People are looking forward to the best decisions and policies to be made by the government to make our land a prosperous one.

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