Bulbulay Cast

Bulbulay Cast


Bulbulay is Pakistan’s leading drama serial that has received massive love and acclaim from the public. The popularity of the show is quite evident from its rating. This is the Pakistani entertainment industry’s most high-rated drama serial ever. So, fasten your seat belts to take an adventurous ride into the world of Bulbulay.

Bulbulay Drama Serial

Bulbulay drama serial has set up multiple episodes that are full of fun and hilarious moments. Watching Bulbulay won’t let you feel dizzy or tiring rather it will refresh both your mind and soul. All the credit goes to the cast and crew of the show. They have been working really hard to bring a smile on our faces amid this hasty and grim routine that we have put upon ourselves.

With such playful characters and their stupid acts, this show has set a next-kevel entertainment for its viewership.

Bulbulay Cast

How comes it that the audience is enjoying and the cast is not? Apart from the viewers, the entire cast and crew loved working on this project. It is more fun and pleasure for them to work and enjoy at the same time. So, here is the leading Bulbulay Cast of the show,

  • Nabeel as Nabeel
  • Ayesha Omar as Khubsurat
  • Mehmood Aslam as Mehmood Sahab
  • Hina Dilpazeer as Momo

These all characters have taken the popularity of the drama serial to a whole new level. Nabeel Zafar as Nabeel has very brilliantly carried the role of a dependent husband who has no work or business at all. He is living upon the money given by his father-in-law. When short of this money, he finds several tactics and foul means to earn money but remained unsuccessful each time. Such a lazy fellow he is!

While Ayesha Omar as Khubsurat is rebellious who always dominates her husband and gives orders. During an interview, she discussed some interesting details about her character in the play, Ayesha Omar stated that she is essaying an easy yet interesting role in the drama serial. Among these four family members, she is the only one who has some sense and always acts practical.

We have always seen Mehmood Aslam donning some very serious and intense characters in his other drama serials. However, seeing him in the avatar of Mehmood Sahab was not less than a treat for his fans. He is that sort of a man who can be easily manipulated. He is usually seen as a scapegoat under the hands of the rest of the characters.

And there comes the liveliest and jolly character; yes, its MOMO, I am referring to the very talented Hina Dilpazeer. She has added some extra crisp and to the script with her exceptional performance on the set. She has very conventionally carried her role and becomes the best among the rest. Her little acts of innocence and silly stuff are the primary reason behind the success of the drama serial.

Bulbulay Recurring Cast

The recurring cast of the blockbuster drama serial Bulbulay is as follows,

  • Tariq Butt as Butt Sahab
  • Khawaja Akmal as Siddiqui Sahab (Khubsurat’s father)
  • Shehraz Hassan as Moti (the Kidnapper)
  • Ayaz Khan as Sher Khan
  • Benita David as Baytab

Along with the leading cast, these all characters have also added more flavors and twists in the success of the drama serial.

Bulbulay Season 2

Bulbulay is back again with a plethora of quality content, exciting moments, hilarious dialogues, boasting diverse stories, and binge-worthy episodes’. The Bulbulay Season 2 is worth watching for all the right reasons.

It has fresh content, joyful rides, and several comic scenes to amuse its fans.

Bulbulay Cast
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Bulbulay Cast
Bulbulay is Pakistan’s leading drama serial that has received massive love and acclaim from the public.
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