Bulbulay Season 2 | Episode 25 | Lost Diamond | Heeray ki Chori


Bubulay Drama is on peak once again, the Bulbulay season 2 is getting lot of fame and reputation from people. In the last 24 hours the episode no 25 got over 70,000 views almost from the viewers on Youtube. It means the story in the episode is just awesome and interesting. This time the diamond or Heera in Bulbulay House is missing.

So, this time Bulbulay episode’s all characters will be busy in finding the diamond. Let me explain the whole scenario in few points.

In this episode the whole family get surprised after seeing the high cost electricity bill. They prefer to sit in the garden of their home. But the weather is not pleasant there. Khoobsorat comes and remind them about the high electricity bill.

How much amount for electricity they need?

Mahmood Sahib and Nabeel the leading characters of Bulbulay show decides to go out and arrange for the money. The amount for bill is not small. They wish to have at least 150,000 Rs. Both persons never do the things in perfect way that’s why they get the wrong outcomes.

Solid Plan for Arranging Money:

Finally, Mehmood sahib of bulbulay and Nabeel comes out in street and thinks to make a solid plan this time. As the amount of electricity bill is not in their pocket or at home. So, they want to grab the money from someone who should not be from home. As you know they always have a plan to make others fool but in the end they get the worst results.

1 Million Rs. Reward for Nabeel & Mehmood Sahib:

So, finally they started a plan to get money from a car owner. But she was a smart lady and she knew that there is no mishap or genuine need for money. After knowing the need of money for Mehmood sahib she gave her own idea or hidden plan to them. She agreed to pay them 1 million rupees but they were supposed to kidnap her.

Then an interesting thing happened with Mehmood sahib as he was standing in the street he hit with a man who was running fast. As he hit with Mehmood sahib, the diamond fell into the pocket of Mehmood sahib.

Ayesha Omer & Momo’s Family Plan:

Then the man came into Nabeel home to get back his lost diamond. Before his entry at home Ayesha and Momo’s family make a plan for a trip to Holland. No one was interested to investigate the real owner of diamond. Meanwhile another person came into Nabeel home and claimed that he was the real owner of that diamond.

Fake Diamonds at Bulbulay Home:

The twist in bulbulay drama comes when both persons claimed to be the owner of that diamond which was in Mhemood Sahib’s pocket. After knowing the great minds from Bubulay planned to give fake diamonds to both persons and get the money from them. The original diamond was still with Mehmood sahib. Both persons paid Rs. 25,000 but before leaving the home they came know the reality.

Police entered the home and asked each person to go in Police station because everyone cheated. The real owner of diamond was none of them. But sahib came and got the real diamond from Mehmood Sahib.

In this way once again the whole family got nothing in the end. They tried to make other two persons fool but this plan ended with the entry of police. Because the diamond was taken illegally from some shop or person.

That’s how the latest episode of bulbulay concluded. The bulbulay Drama especially episode no 25 proved another successful episode.

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