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Bulbulay is a great family drama serial which was aired on ARY network. Millions of fans love each of the episodes. Even on the Youtube the Bulbulay is always a tending play for Pakistani as well as for the people who are not living in Pakistan. In English you can say it is something like “Bubbles”. This beautiful and historical drama series because a non-typical or an unconventional family role is quite visible in it. Overall, you can rate it comes in funny category. Why do we need smiles in our lives? I hope it is a very outdated question or meaningless point because the stress and tensions are increasing day by day so we need some sources or reasons to bring a smile on our faces that’s why Bulbulay means “a smile bringing process” on the dejected faces.

Role of Bulbulay in Families of Pakistan:

In our families in Pakistan, different types of issues are always present. The family union has become very rare. Separation among family members has become very common. If we try to find out the reason, then we will realize that maybe one person is proved to be guilty in all that process. Due to the silly behavior or irresponsible acts all the family of home gets disturbed sometimes.

Watch: Bulbulay New Episode – Khoobsurat Shaadi Chor Kar Q Bhaghi

Bulbulay Episode 1

But in Bulbulay it is shown that even the mistake of family members can be managed in some way. The home is still home if all are together. Each outsider can be managed if the persons living inside home are united. The family of Bulbulay acts like silly people and they suffer loss too but in the end they come out of the complex situation and start the new life.

So, all the family members should enjoy the scenarios and try to manage the situations. Because all the time things are not in our hands. We may expect the reactions which we don’t want to see. However, the reality is the family system in Pakistan has been exemplary, but due to the materialistic approach it is being weakened on daily basis. We need to revive our traditions and we need to bear one thing in mind that every person needs some space if we don’t give space or if we don’t try to underhand others then we will not be able to see the peaceful situation each time.

Who directed the show Bulbulay?

This great drama show has been directed by Rana Rizwan.

Who Wrote Bulbulay?

The record-breaking show of ARY TV network was written by Ali Imran and Saba Hassan. Also note that Ali Imran contributed up to 1-379 episodes of Bulbulay. While on the other hand, Saba Hassan also played very important part in keeping the interest of people in it. It has never been felt that the writer is changed. The same tone of fun, love, care, silly actions can be observed throughout the series. That’s also a key element in the success story of Bulbulay. Saba took part in the writing of episode no 380 to onwards. Still, she is writing and producing entertaining stuff for the viewers. Such talented persons should be encouraged at government level as well. Because they have art to remove the clouds of sorrows from people’s minds.

Who produced the drama Bulbulay?

Yes, its another important thing to know who gave was behind the production process. If the story is quite interesting, the director is well capable to engage the audience till long time, but there is a weakness on production side then the success rates get decreased. Producer’s role in making a show successful cannot be skipped. Nabeel whose initial name before coming in the media was Muhammad Nadeem Zafar. He has multiple talents personality. Let us explain them:

  • Nabeel as a successful director
  • Nabeel as a talented producer
  • Nabeel as a skilled writer
  • Nabeel as a versatile actor

He came into the news at a bigger level when another record-breaking television Dhuwan on PTV. Bulbulay’s production is clear evidence that he was not got fame by chance or luck only. He has full talent to give the marvelous series in the entertainment world. He can play different roles in very impressive way. The main reason is when an actor reads the script from the director or producer then he or she must have prior indication about matching the role with the personality. Nabeel proved it in “Sahdi ka Laddu” and Honeymoon. He can adapt any role in such a way that it gives quite genuine and natural acting.

When did Bulbulay Get Popularity?

Two persons’ role can be considered the main factor in the success of this comedy sitcom. One of them is the producer/actor named Nabeel and the second personality who gave new spirit and life to the drama that is “Momo”. Hina Dilpazeer or Mumtaz (Momo) was born on 16 January 1963. She also made her place in Pakistani Television Industry. The roles which were played by Momo other than Bulbulay can be seen here.

  1. Best Pakistani Actress
  2. Best Pakistani Comedian
  3. Top Pakistani Television Presenter
  4. Best Pakistani Director
  5. Famous Pakistani singer

So, now you can understand that the actors or actresses in comedy-drama serial of Pakistan Bulbulay have great professional backgrounds.

When was Bulbulay Aired on TV?

It was aired first on 22 October 2009 and the channel name was ARY Digital. Its TRP (Television Rating Point) is very high because the viewers are in millions. The length of the comedy show also depicts the popularity. The reason is when people do not like to watch or respond towards any show then producer or television network cannot air the episodes till long time.  That’s why Bulbulay holds a privilege of getting an award of the longest-running TV drama series of Pakistan. Indeed, it is a great and encouraging situation for all the persons who are behind it.

Why was Bulbulay went off-air?

Yes, it is true, Bulbulay went off-air in 2017, you can say on the 8th year after its launch it had to stop broadcasting on ARY Digital due to several reasons. The main reason was not like, decrease in viewership but several technical factors were involved in it. Then on May 7, 2019 Bulbulay started once again with new series on Bol Network.

Bulbulay or Phir Se Bulbulay?

Due to copyright issues the airing of the popular comedy show in Pakistan was also failed and did not work a lot. Bol Network had no rights because it was the property of ARY Digital. That’s why it was once again live on ARY after Eid-ul-Fitr 2019. Now on every Sunday evening, it can be seen with friends or family. Luckily, the gap could also not decrease viewership. The popularity urged the director and producer to launch the Bulbulay season 2.

Who is behind theme music?

Faizan Khan is the man behind the music composing process. This comedy-drama is basically aired in Urdu language and it was also produced in Dubai but during the episodes of 83-87 only.

How many seasons Bulbulay has?

It has only two seasons but the number of episodes is quite big that is 400+ and still, it is aired on each weekend. If it goes live in this way then it can become one of the biggest comedy show in Pakistan. It will break all the previous records. And the reason is in each episode the viewers watch something new. It keeps the interest level alive otherwise people cannot watch the same theme and same situation again and again. Fans love Nabeel, Momo. Mehmood Sahib, and Khoobsorat. That’s why they are all ok if even it crosses 500+ episodes.

Can you name two Major Character of comedy show Bulbulay?

Yes, if you ask about a couple of leading roles from the show then we cannot skip the interesting roles of

  1. Mehmood Aslam
  2. Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer also got a place in Pakistani drama and film industry. She got the natural talent in acting and painting as well. Yes, she is an artist and Khoobsurat in Bulbulay is successfully played by her. She also sang some beautiful songs for her fans who follow her on Instagram and Twitter. You can cay she is one of the highest-paid Actress in Pakistani showbiz. She proved to be the most expensive person as she is known as “Style Icon In Pakistan”. Warsi International Organization awarded her Pride of Pakistan ( amgha-e-Fakhr-e-Pakistan).

And Mehmood Aslam is another leading character in the success of Bulbulay. His current age is almost 67 years because he was born on December 1, 1951. Currently, he is living in the biggest city of Pakistan that is Karachi. He has given much successful drama series for the viewers of Pakistan. For example,

  • Janjaalpura
  • Andhera Ujala
  • Landa Bazar
  • Ladies Park
  • Bulbulay
  • Uraan
  • Payas

So, that’s the background for this great actor and the beauty of this Bulbulay is the logical funny quotes and funny messages. In each episode, we get some moral message which can help us in preserving the family values or cultural value in Pakistan. The Indian dramas are getting million-dollar business from the region so, we should also promote the good shows at national and international level. The show should meet the standard format first then it could be promoted with full thrill on all major media channels and social media.

Brief Introduction about Season 1 of Bulbulay?

The season 1 of Bulbulay has been really successful and it was the base for season 2 actually. People admired the works of all artists, producer, and director that’s why in Season 2 began with more interesting episodes. Season 1 of Bulbulay almost includes the episodes from 1-455 and different stages come in these serials. Let us have a look at them and see what type of phases were displayed there.

Mainly the phases like, before marriage and after marriage were included. Similarly, before parenthood and the period of parenthood is shown in the episodes no. 101-139. Before parenthood time can be watched again in the series no 88-100. If you are interested to enjoy the after marriage comedy shows of Bulbulay then watch episodes’ numbers 26-82 easily.

Bulbulay in Lahore also got much fame because one of the coolest writing and acting can be seen in these episodes. Wait, please. Do you want to know which episode numbers are we talking here? Puzzled? Don’t be ! Kindly because logicalbaat.com is not here to leave you in the darkness we are coving each and everything that you want to know about it. So, dear readers the Lahore acting series can be enjoyed in the episodes’ numbers 140-143 and then 205-209. Bulbulay family also performed well to show the rich and poor time at home. How to bring smiles on the faces in difficult time? How to face unexpected problems? How to tackle the outcome of our own mistakes? These things can be observed in the episodes no 268 to 297.

Season 2 of Bulbulay:

Episode no 1 of Bulbulay has been quite interesting that’s why picked that to share with our readers as well. When Khoobsurat and Momo entered in the new home then they saw two persons whom they did not know. They were literally strangers for them. They were literally dangerous people and wanted by Police. Finally, the Mehmood Sahib’s family never encountered with culprits of such nature. The whole family got frightened and shocked at that situation then these two mysterious men caught by police. We insist our readers much watch this episode no1 of Bulbulay.

Also, note that the 2nd episode of season 2 you will see the friend of Mehmood Sahib Sher Khan married a beautiful Pathan lady whom he used to call Gulbakht. She came into Nabeel home but she expressed her love and feelings for Nabeel instead of her husband Sher Khan. Nabeel tried to solve the issue because he did not want to leave Khoobsorat his wife. But Gulbakht warned him to shoot Khoobsoart and Nabeel too if he does not come into the relationship.

Sher Khan did not know about the meeting of Nabeel with Gulbakht. He was still very excited on his second marriage and he was in a dream that his wife had fallen in love with him. But the case was different, she just wanted to be with Nabeel although she knew, Nabeel was married. She showed her gun and threated the family. Finally, Gulbakht ideas were exposed and what happed with Sher Khan and Khoobsorat. We are not telling it as you must watch it yourself so that there should remain curiosity. Is not that fair enough if you are fan of Bulbulay?

Bubbles Show Special

It was a very special show for the fans of the best comedy show of ARY. All the characters were present at the show to meet their fans. The audience took many selfies with the cast. Some fans were not present there so the actors and actresses of Bulbulay called their offline fans. Many interesting questions asked by the fans? Do you want to know which questions made the cast worried? Yes, some questions were really shocking for them. To watch the whole show just go on YouTube and search this term “Bubbles Show Special” you will get the episode of 2 hours. Such kinds of shows are not only a part of advertisement but it’s a good practice.

You can say a nice way to say thanks to the loyal fans. They are the big motivators behind all the working. If fans do not give responses or feedback, then it becomes very difficult to continue the serials.


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Please also remember that in the month of May 20, 2016, the whole cast and talented writer Ali Imran were seen on the ARY Digital morning show (Good Morning Pakistan). It was basically the celebration on the completion of 400 episodes. Indeed, it is a great milestone for any writer, TV channel or producer.

Cast and characters of BulBulay:

  1. Nabeel
  2. Ayesha Omar
  3. Mehmood Aslam
  4. Hina Dilpazeer
  5. Khawaja Akmal
  6. Zuhaib Khan
  7. Shagufta Ejaz
  8. Benita David

We have mentioned the main cast already in this post above however, one character is also notable that we did not disclose so far. Any guess? Yes, you are thinking quite right its Faatima Nabeel whose character is as Chandni. She is performing the role of Nabeel and Khoobsurat’s daughter. It created the perfect combination for the whole family. It is a factor that is keeping the drama series as fresh as it was on the very first day.

Watch Bubulay Latest Episode:

Some Recurring Cast of Bulbulay:

  • Tariq Butt as Butt Sahab (he was appeared in 2009 but still he is present in season 2 episodes)
  • Khawaja Akmal his character as Siddiqui (Khoobsurat’s father) (the performance period 2009–2017)
  • Benita David as you can see her Baytab (2012–2015)
  • Shahid Khawaja performed as Dr. Shahid612 (the appearance was 2013–2017)
  • Shehraz Hassan played a key role as Moti (kidnapper) (the period is 2010–2015)

It means other talented actors were also there to support the main characters. That’s why the popularity of Bulbulay is breaking all the previous set records. People admire the efforts of real artists. It is true in Pakistan the problems are countless. The conditions of our showbiz is not very encouraging but still, there are some people who know how to entertain the public in natural way. Such series should come more and more so that we can revive our industry. We should not depend on Indian media for the coverage. We should bring the talent in front of world. We should encourage the working team to give more output. If some character in the episode is not lovable then we should not discourage the whole team. In early months some criticism we saw on the social media about the supporting cast but later on it was managed superbly by the director and producer.

We will upload bulbulay latest episode and bulbulay new episode.

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