Buraq Cab Service Launching on 10 August in Six Pakistani Cities


On 10 August, a Chinese company, called Timesaco, will be launching its online taxi services within six large Pakistani cities.

The company has designed an extensive plan for attracting customers to use its newly created cab service.

Careem and Uber, two ride-hailing services are operating within the Pakistani market. Thus, Timesaco has to be competitive to operate successfully.

Donald Li, the CEO of Timsaco said that it is the company’s intention to provide an accelerated services platform to the citizens of Pakistan.

5 Special Services from Buraq:

Five special services will be initiated which include: taxi services, heavy cargo delivery, delivery of orders, vehicle advertisement and moving ATM (automated teller machine) facilities.

Buraq Services In 6 Cities of Pakistan:

Initially, these instant services will be launched within the following Pakistani cities: Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

However, Donald Li added that it is the company’s intention to extend its service to more urban centers.

Avail 10% Discount:

In an interview with APP, Li stated that when its cab services will be starting off, rides to health centers, marriage halls, and education institutions, will come at a 10% discount.

Li added that an application for Timesaco services will be available on Google Play Store. Users can download the app and make use of its services, in the five major cities of Pakistan.

Another perk for drivers, who want to work for Timesaco, is available. Drivers will be able to register their vehicles, without any precondition, with the company.

Now Drivers Can Earn 97% Share of Total Income:

These taxi drivers will earn a 97%-share of their income, whilst the company will receive just 2% of the drivers’ income.

The remaining 1% of the income will go towards the development of the Drivers’ Club, which will provide education & health services to the drivers’ families.

Drivers Can Earn Money in Multiple Ways:

Donald stated that the people who are interested in this opportunity, have to register their cars, bikes, rickshaws, pickups, trucks and qinqi loaders with the Buraq company. Thus, these drivers will be able to earn money in multiple ways.

According to Timesaco’s CEO, the company initially invested $20 million for the above-mentioned five services. He added that the company’s goal for the future is $600 million.

4 Special Services by Buraq Cab Service:

Li concluded that Buraq cab services will be providing four special services within a variety of sectors, which include:

  1. transportation
  2. advertising
  3. bank transactions
  4. cargo

Pakistani citizens will, after the launching of Timesaco, have three options from which they can choose when they book a cab to a destination.

Highly important is the fact that this cab service will be increasing employment opportunities in Pakistan.

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  1. Where we can registered our vehicle on buraq in Lahore & is there any office of buraq taxi service in Lahore for taking complete information about registration of vehicles.

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