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Burger King Introduced its New Interior Design

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Burger King New Interior Design

This new interior design by Burger King is lauded by many of its fans. They are now opening in the UK with this newly designed awesome interior.

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Outdoor look and Ambience

The building of this new interiors concept is basically referred to by the brand as “20/20 Garden Grill”. Moreover, the management of the Burger King further says that it primarily aims to replicate “an outdoor BBQ atmosphere”.

The material which is used in the building of this new interior basically includes brick, reclaimed wood, Copper and bamboo. A “red brick heritage wall” and a wall with collage has also been added. These walls are evoking “the early days of the Burger King brand”.

Burger King New Interior

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With the help of natural wood trellis and accent soffits, the designs of this new spot offer an open truss ceiling.

Burger King Owner also says that the concept is being made available to all franchisees worldwide.

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Certainly the joint possesses a phenomenal beauty to entice its visitors.

In 2013 Burger King’s rival McDonald’s has introduced a new packaging design which basically aims to “change perceptions” of the fast-food giant.

Meanwhile, last year KFC, a fellow fast-food giant to the Burger King has introduced a radical new interior design concept. It is being described as “the future of interior design for KFC”.

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