Bushra Wahid Collection at Lifestyle Geneva 2019


Lifestyle Geneva has become a unique platform for different fashion designers to show their master pieces. Yesterday, I have talked about Aisha Imran’s collection which was remarkable. The beautiful exhibition consists of chiffon and velvet dresses.

Now I am going to introduce you to another acclaimed fashion designer in our industry, Bushra Wahid. She has even won awards at the international level. Bushra Wahid was the center of attention during Lifestyle Geneva.

Most of her dresses were containing white, skin and tea pink colors. The embroidered work on each dress was live proof for the audience to acknowledge her skills as a fashion designer.

She has come up with some exciting and trendy bridal wear as well. From casual to party and then bridals, the show was spectacular.

Moreover, she has also attached professional attires for women tag along with her dresses. The latest collection was dealing with delicate stone work as well. Apart from stone work, many dresses were carrying motifs, laces, different beautifications, and intricate embroidered patterns.

Some dresses were present in frock styles, while others were having short kuris with ghararas. Some dresses were stitched in gawn styles and others were having capris with short peplums.

In a nutshell, the collection was beyond one’s expectations, so classy, so elegant and graceful.

Here are all the trendy attires for women that were exhibited during the show,

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