Bilawal says Buzdil PM

‘Buzdil PM can’t tolerate one speech by me’ Bilawal Bhutto


Islamabad: It seemed in Pakistan, the political war is not going to end. Recently Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has termed PM Imran Khan as ‘Buzdil PM’ who will not tolerate his one speech.

Bilawal took to his Twitter handle and stated that “Buzdil (fearful/ frightened) PM can’t tolerate one speech by me.”

He further added that “Continuously censoring a parliamentary leader on the floor of the house and denying production order for President Zardari to attend budget session is a new low.”

Bilawal demanded that “Speaker must resign.”

In his earlier tweet, he has mentioned that “While democratic civilian leadership has been arrested banned organizations, good Taliban and minister who facilitated terrorist roam free. Clearly, the priority of the state is to crush democratic civilian voices while continuing to coddle and harbor terrorists and extremists.”

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