Can cryptocurrency dethrone the dollar in 2019?


Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England who stepped down during January, is of the opinion that the dollar can be dethroned by a virtual currency in future as the foreign exchange market’s king.

Carney made proposals for such a Synthetic Hegemonic Currency, like the one modeled on the Libra of Facebook, at the central bankers’ Jackson Hole Symposium.

  • Reason for Dollar Dominance

Since 1944’s Bretton Woods agreement, the dollar was the reference currency worldwide. In this agreement, the fixing of a variety of principal units, to the greenback’s value took place.

The dollar maintained its worldwide supremacy since today, due to the United State’s political & economic dominance.

As per the IMF, the greenback accounts for nearly 62% of the world’s foreign exchange reserves, for 2019’s first quarter.

The Euro was in second place with 20.2%, with the Chinese yuan at just 2%, notwithstanding the fact that China is the world’s second strongest economy after the US.

  • Why does the Dollar lose its appeal?

Due to globalization as well as changes in the world economic order, the currency lost some appeal.

However, due to rotations within the US, the dollar is still impacting economies elsewhere, even in countries which has limited exposure to the American economy.

  • The role of central banks

Carney said central banks could supply the best assistance to a brand new virtual currency.

World leaders & central bankers are anxious about the current batch of virtual currencies, due to the fact that they are not regulated.

Donald Trump, the US President has also criticized Bitcoin & Libra, stating it was based upon thin air whilst having no dependability or standing compared to the dollar.

Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, aiming to launch during the first 6 months of 2020, will actually be supported by a basketball of currency assets in an attempt to avoid the volatility of bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies.

Because of the Libra’s origin within the private sector, it attracted the resentment of central bankers.

Hence, Bitcoin is decentralized, in turn 100 partner companies, which includes Facebook, will co-manage Libra.

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