Can Honey Bees Do Basic Mathematics

Can Honey Bees Do Basic Mathematics?


SYDNEY – A study, led by scientists of the Australian RMIT University, revealed that bees have the ability to figure out basic subtraction & addition problems in defiance of their small brains.

Taking into account the cognition which is needed for arithmetic, it is amazing.

Honeybees were trained on an individual basis. These bees had to access a maze in which they would come across 1 to 5 blue or yellow shapes.

For the blue shapes, one should be added by the bees, whilst they should subtract one for the yellow ones, in order to find the answer.

At first, the bees had chosen randomly. After approximately 100 learning sessions of 4 to 7 hours, they succeeded in cracking the code!

Prior studies revealed that birds, primates, babies & spiders are able to add & subtract and the bees will now join that league.

To solve maths problems two levels of advanced cognition are needed. Firstly being holding adding & subtracting rules in long-term memory.  Secondly, using short-term memory, manipulating a particular set of numbers by utilizing short term memory.

Professor Dyer said that if a massive brain is not needed for maths, there can be new & innovative methods for humans incorporating interactions of working memory & long term rules towards improving swift AI learning where new problems are encountered.

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