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Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed Wore Shalwar Kameez to Meet the Queen and People have mixed reactions over this


Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed Wore Shalwar Kameez

Sarfaraz Ahmed, the current caption of our Pakistani team, has been under the limelight of criticism by some of the Pakistanis after he wore shalwar kameez to meet the Queen in Buckingham Palace.

People started criticizing him for wearing shalwar kameez while other captions were all dressed up in suits and ties.

All the captions of the leading teams were invited to meet the Queen at her palace. However, some Pakistanis are not ok with our captain’s dress code at the formal meeting.

This is seriously disgusting. Like I have no problem with Sarfaraz wearing Shalwar kameez that’s simply what our culture is.
However, some people were actually feeling proud of our caption for representing Pakistani culture.

Portraying our country’s culture, wearing shalwar kameez while standing next to the Queen, Sarfaraz has literally won the hearts of many of the Pakistanis. He is indeed a proud Pakistani!

Our celebrities also lauded Sarfaraz for wearing shalwar kameez. Hamza Ali Abbasi tweeted,

Mahira Khan was also no less in expressing her feelings and concerns. She wrote, “Looking Good Sarfaraz. Lots of luck to our team.”

Well, summing up the whole debate I would rather proudly state that I feel no shame and embarrassment in our Captain’s dress code. Pakistan needs people like Sarfaraz who don’t forget their roots and culture while steeping out of the country. We are really proud of you captain!

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