Careem New Controversial Ad

Careem’s New Controversial Ad has become the talk of the town


As soon as Careem has introduced its new ad, people start hating it for its immorality, calling it against our societal norms. People can’t stop themselves labelling this new ad as something very cheap and unethical for our society.

Earlier Careem has introduced some similar ads, advertising ‘Careem bikes’. Have a look at these,

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However, this time, I guess Careem Company has gone so far.

I mean what you guys are trying to portray? A runaway bride? Well, that doesn’t suit our society especially in a country like Pakistan where moral values are appreciated more than anything else.
A number of people were shown on the internet, posting hateful material about Careem, hating its new ad.

Even some come up with boycotting Careem for long.

Pakistani actress, Veena Malik also couldn’t stop herself from commenting on this cheap way of marketing. She said, “Don’t play with our norms and culture for your Business here.”

So, what are your views about this new campaign by Careem? Do let us know

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