Caretaker CM visits Police Service Centers at Liberty, Mayo Hospitals

In a recent visit to the police service centers at Liberty Market Gulberg and Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Raza Naqvi engaged with citizens and addressed concerns related to the licensing process.

During his visit, a significant number of citizens were present at the police service centers, reflecting the importance of these facilities in the community. Caretaker Chief Minister Naqvi took the opportunity to speak with citizens, inquiring about their experiences in obtaining licenses. Many citizens expressed their grievances about delays in the testing process

To address the issue, Naqvi instructed an increase in staff at the counters of Mayo Hospital Police Service Center. However, he expressed satisfaction with the license-making process at the Liberty Police Service Center.

The caretaker chief minister’s visit sheds light on the importance of efficient and timely services at police centers, with a commitment to making the licensing process smoother for citizens. By engaging directly with the community and addressing concerns, the authorities aim to ensure a more effective and citizen-friendly system in place.

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