Casting Couch in Pakistan Fashion Industry

Casting Couch in Pakistan Fashion Industry


Are you familiar with the word ‘Casting Couch’? This term referred to the models (whether male or female) entering into the industry through personal connection, bribery, or physical relation with their promoters. Among these three ways, the most commonly believed is the third one.

The unquestioned culture of casting couch has actually plagued the entire entertainment industry. This doesn’t only happen in Hollywood or Bollywood, but Pakistan’s entertainment industry has also been infected by this plague.

Casting Couch in Pakistan Fashion Industry

In Pakistan’s fashion industry, it is believed that you cannot get a chance without giving some favors. What these favors are? Almost many of us are unaware of these favors that are given by the young aspiring models to the famed and acknowledged authorities under the name of the deal. Read more details of Casting Couch in Pakistan Fashion Industry

In a society like Pakistan, it never normal to witness a woman wearing backless dresses, smoking, or giving close romantic shoots. We are divided in our thoughts. The trend of casting couch in the Pakistan Fashion Industry is quite rampant these days.

Casting couch issues are faced by both male and female models but usually male models fall prey to this evil. But by the very end, everything is entirely depending on the person’s priorities whether getting fame overnight is important to him or his honor. Many young models do not realize this fact. In the modern world, almost everyone is trying to make more and more money. With this thought, it is quite clear why the trend of the casting couch is so rampant.

Why it is the fashion industry and not the other industries where the concept of casting couch can be applied? Well, whether you want to be an actor or anything related, you first have to prove your abilities as a model. In our fashion industry, there are ample hungry dogs that are waiting for the young models to take a bite of them.

Choreographer and events organizer Frieha Altaf has very well stated the notion of casting couch in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry. She is of the view that casting couch is more common with the young aspiring male models. There are very few young models who successfully made it to enter into the showbiz via a clean professional environment.

Stylist Saima Rashid believed the same. She is of the view that young male models are usually left with no choice but to bend before their prompters. Male models can only get a break on chance or by luck.

Actress Sahira Kazmi has clearly stated that “The casting couch, of course, has always prevailed within our industry. One always did get to know that something shady was happening.”

When it comes to the female young models, they do face casting couch issues as well. But there are some fashion standards set for them to enter the fashion industry. And of course, there are many female designers, producers, writers, and directors who seek auditions on the basis of merits. So, usually, female models get a chance to enter in showbiz industry via protective means.

Despite the trend being so rampant, there are certain male models who do not agree to the demands of their designers or promoters. They simply say no to all those activities that happened behind the scenes.

During an interview, back in 2012, Pakistan’s supermodel Nomi Qamar has given his stance regarding the casting couch in our entertainment of the fashion industry. He rightly said that,

“It happens all over the world and it happens here too. Some of the stylists and photographers share the young male models as ‘gifts’ with each other. However, I will say that I know people who do great work and don’t do such things.”

The solution to the casting couch is yet nowhere to see. People have been falling prey to these promoters in order to ‘go a long way’ whose Urdu translation is ‘Bohat Agay Jaogy’. This ‘Bohat Agay Jaogy’ has spoiled the lives of many young male models and their careers are being ruined even before starting.

In the modern era, things are developing and we are heading towards a clearer and progressive world. In order to free our entertainment or fashion industry from the trend of casting couch someone has to take stand against this concept. It is the moral duty of the senior fashion designers, Film Houses, and TV Networks to keep an eye on their production staff.

There must be a committee that will solely work to ensure and protect the rights of the young aspiring models and the rest of the fashion fraternity.

Casting Couch in Pakistan Fashion Industry
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Casting Couch in Pakistan Fashion Industry
In Pakistan’s fashion industry, it is believed that you cannot get a chance without giving some favors. What these favors are?
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