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Cavallino Café Pizzeria is located at Islamabad which serves you scrumptious food and a healthy environment to dine in.

Cavallino Café Pizzeria sounds like a true Italian place offering Italian flavors.


  • Outdoor Sitting
  • Awesome Interior
  • No parking issues
  • Amazing Ambience
  • Comfortable Sitting
  • Healthy Environment

Interior & Ambience

“Cavallino Café Pizzeria” is consist of a three floored building with a huge board announcing “Cavallino Café Pizzeria”. The exterior itself sounds interesting.

This restaurant is quite away from the hustle bustle of the city life that’s why there aren’t many restaurants near the spot. So there will be no parking issues plus you can enjoy a serene meal while dinning at this eatery.

As I have mentioned above that this is a three-storied building. The bottom floor is reserved for those who wanted to enjoy their meal while taking pleasure of the pleasant weather. The outdoor sitting is a must try at this spot.

The bottom floor also offers very unique and awesome desserts or to say a drink bar to its visitors.

The above floor has been designed elegantly with chairs and tables placed brilliantly. You will witness the red bricks walls all over the restaurant which gives quite an artistic feel. Moreover, the walls are covered with the pictures frames.


So, what they have on their menu?

The name of the restaurant surely suggests what it is going to offer you. However it’s not just the pizza, you’ll get a variety of fast food including burgers, sandwiches, pasta, steaks and many other things.

The food is being prepared with pure Italian flavors. The sausages, canned Naples fish, virgin oil, everything which was used was brought from Italy. So, they present authentic Italian food before their customers.

Moreover, other ingredients which are being used in the making of the food are fresh as well.



It is located at Block R F 6/4 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

If you wanted to enjoy a true Italian meal then never miss out a single chance to visit this spot.

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